REPOST: See One, Want One: The Roots of ‘Baby Fever’

Now I know why I feel very excited when somebody’s pregnant and I get to give them gifts. And no wonder I feel so effin’ happy when I’m about to buy baby stuff. I thought I was alone. I never thought there’s such this as “baby fever”. Gahhhh! Somebody cure this fever…and to think that guys get this fever too makes me quite happy haha! Read on!

If the sight of a rack of baby shoes at the store gets you longing for an infant of your own, rest easy: You probably have baby fever, and psychologists have just confirmed that you’re not alone.

Long immortalized in television and movies, “baby fever” is indeed real, a new study confirms. This visceral, emotional desire for a child is more common in young women than men, the research found, although as they age, men are increasingly at risk for what’s also known in pop culture as “baby lust.”
“How frequently women have the desire to have a child goes down with age, and down as they actually have children,” study researcher Gary Brase, a psychologist at Kansas State University, told LiveScience. “For men, it tends to go up. … It’s like men and women are converging over time.”

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