Most of you know that I’m not that kind of person who starts a conversation and keeps it going, especially if it’s about spiritual or religious stuff. So this story about my day is quite unusual haha!I was waiting for a pedicab on my way home and this old-but not-that-old pedicab driver waved and asked if I’m going home already.

We quite knew each other and each other’s belief quite well and all I do when he talks about religion was to nod and say yes to everything he is saying. You know, just to show some respect but I do appreciate his stories about his religion and his views about our life.

I had the chance to ride his pedicab like 5 times already until today, the 6th ride is different–much different (Well, each 5 rides are totally different from another haha). Members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are taught to invite others to come unto Christ *insert “our purpose” here lol* so as a member of the church I invited “Mang Boy” that IF he has a free time (coz we all know that he is not a member of the church and he has lotsa priorities to do) he is so welcome to come to church and investigate and if he likes playing basketball he can join the boys every Friday night and play. 

I’ve wanted to invite the pedicab driver since the 2nd ride coz he looks like he’s been looking for an answer and he looks like he knows stuff but still needs an answer but the human me is taking over. Like “hoy ale! Di yan papayag. Ire-reject ka niyan!”

I don’t wanna get rejected or what not, I hate myself for that but idk tho, invitation just came right out of my mouth like I was not the one talking. And after that invitation, I got goose bumps knowing that he already has his own copy of the Book of Mormon and he has read it.

You might say this is weird but this one’s true! The Holy Ghost does its job! It felt and it feels good that I got to invite Mang Boy. He may reject my invitation but one thing’s for sure; his questions might soon be answered maybe not by me but by someone who’s an authorized servant of Heavenly Father—the missionaries:)

You know what, forget the feeling of rejection! I’m really doing it!


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