Seriously, I never tried doing fasting before because I really can’t stop eating(I might cry). But a good kid(a return missionary actually) told me that it’s not always food. At first I was like “what are you saying, weirdo?” And then as He explain briefly, I totally understand. 

What he’s trying to say is that if you really can’t go a day without food, or if you’re on meds that requires you to consume something before taking it. Then maybe it’s time for you to do another option. Like for example, don’t watch a TV for a day or if you drink soda, maybe try to drop it at least for a day or two.  Or in teens, maybe disconnect yourself from any social media sites or stop using your mobile phones. The options are endless. Only you can decide which is which.

Some people justify things. And you really can’t stop them from doing that because they’re still human. 

But here’s the thing about fasting. While doing, you have to stay focus spiritually. Try studying the scriptures or listen to hymns or just reflect on life and say thanks. 

LDS fasting 


***this is just my opinion. I’m not against any church teachings. Just trying to help people having trouble fasting***


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